Bureau des ventes / Sales office Montreal : 1 866 340 9456 / Toronto : 1 800 361 3004


Terms & Conditions

All orders are payable upon delivery. We accept payment by certified check Visa and MasterCard

Return authorization numbers are valid for 30 days. Return authorization numbers are cancelled after
30 days if no merchandise has been received. No exchanges after 30 days from purchase date.
No refund.

Warranty policies :

All warranties are limited to factory-provided replacement parts, factory repair or replacement,
at the discretion of Silhouet-Tone.

All warranties exclude damage caused by improper set-up, accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, and use for other
than intended purpose or reasonable wear such as wear and tear of the upholstery.

All warranties are invalidated by non-factory modifications and unauthorized repairs, which will immediately
terminate all liability by Silhouet-Tone for the product or damage caused by its use.
The buyer and its customers shall be responsible for proper set-up and use of the products as well as any
supervision required for safety. In no event shall Silhouet-Tone be liable for any special, indirect,
consequential, incidental, exemplary or punitive damage or costs.
Use of non-approved cleaning solutions voids the guarantee on all fabrics.
Products must be returned in original packaging or in a new box, with an RMA number supplied
by Silhouet-Tone Customer Service.
The customer is responsible for the correct re-packaging of products when returned to ensure damage does not
occur during shipment (any damage resulting of that negligence will be the client’s responsibility and will be charged).
All products must be received within 30 days from the day the RMA was issued.
Transportation and repacking fees are not considered under the warranty terms and are payable by the client.
Returns may be subject to a 20% handling or restocking fee and transport fee.
Silhouet-Tone reserves the right to refuse returns if the reason is unsatisfactory.
Without any RMA number, all merchandise is returned to the sender at his expense.
All merchandise must be inspected upon receipt.
Damaged or missing items must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of order.
Transport is by ground (standard).
It can be by air at the client’s request.
In this case the transport will at the client’s expense.


Detailled Warranty:
Specialized devices: 1 year

Structure: Limited lifetime warranty / metal structure; wood structure:
Motor: electrical components: 3 months; hydraulic system: 3 months; remote and pedal: 3 months; controls: 3 months
– Cushion: padding and seams: 3 months

Aesthetic equipment: 1 years (Vapo, Combo Cirrus 500, Vac-spray, HF, Rotary Brush, Iontoderm, Sterilux).

Electrolysis equipment: 1 years (Evolution 5 HD, Sequentium VMC, ST-250)

Equipment not manufactured by Silhouet-Tone: 3 months: Vapodyne, heating blanket, Minipil V-10:

All accessories have a 3 month warranty.

Applicable FEES :

Parts and labor are free of charge for issues under warranty.
There are some exceptions for furniture with special warranties.
Any device returned to our office that is no longer covered by warranty is subject to verification fee.
For repairs not under warranty, the service fee is waived if repairs are billed at an hourly rate + parts
(a 1-hour minimum is automatically billed).
In the unlikely event that a device (under warranty/not under warranty) must undergo repairs for the same problem
more than once within a 3-month period, repair, shipping and labour costs will be paid for by Silhouet-Tone.
The warranty does not cover shipping or repackaging fees.
These charges must therefore be paid for by the client
(exception: there are no shipping charges if less than 25% of the warranty period has elapsed).